Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transgender Day Of Remembrance (I Know I've Used This Picture Before...)

A total of 226 cases of reported killings of trans people in the last 12 months. In total, the preliminary results show 1,612 reports of murdered trans people in 62 countries since January 2008.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Susan's Second Law of Internet Science

If two people with diametrically opposed opinions quote the same source to prove their argument then neither side understands the source. A possible corollary is that the creator of the source is also ignorant.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Random LOL

Can combining predestination with objective morality be referred to as the Doctrine of Calvin and Hobbes?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Susan's First Law of Internet Science

If a historical figure is diagnosed with an ailment, that ailment is a) Over-diagnosed and/or b) Not understood by the general public. Also known as "Internet DaVinci Syndrome" since the Maestro is usually the first person to be used as an example of ADD, Aspergers, UFO abduction syndrome, abuse as a child etc.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nightmare Scenario

With the Republican party set to fully take over congress here are a few, humble predictions of the future. The Republicans will be blamed for the complications arising from the next round of Obamacare woes. They'll be blamed once gas prices start coming back up from the lows they're at now. They'll be blamed for pretty much everything that's happened for the last 14 years. So, no change there.

Here's where the fun begins. The Republicans are so completley messed up at this point that they will likely get nothing done, no matter what. They won't have enough to override any veto and they have no central figure or agenda (besides "not what they want" but that doesn't really count) to rally around - and anyone in government pretty much has to like the leadership principle by default - so their total influence is going to be far less than they think. But here's the thing: If, in his SOTU speech, Obama flat out says "Okay, we fucked up on Obamacare, give me a clean repeal bill and I'll sign it" the Repubs of 2014 wouldn't hesitate to screw it up. The SoCons and NeoCons would ignore the "clean" part and shove in riders, the Paleos might back Sos and Neos or they might balk at the unconstitutionality of the extreme parts of their agenda, The FisCons would balk at the price tag involved in dismantling Obamacare, The RINOs would be leary of voting for repeal if they're from a state which isn't too badly affected and the Chemtrail Crew would fight tooth and nail rather than give Obama a win no matter what. And this is all while going up against a party that's still organized and now has little to lose.